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Yeah - I can't wait to go see Baby Isa tonight either!!! 10 lbs. 4 oz. - WOW!!! I am so glad to hear that your camera is getting fixed for free Shawn - that is great news! I guess since you won't have it for a bit you should just get caught up on the pics you do have and SCRAP!


Oh my goodness, how cute is she?!? Love the sunglasses. Congrats on the new baby. Being an auntie is almost as good as being a grandparent. You get to spoil them rotten then send them home. :)


i can't wait to see the photos!!!


I swear that girl is the cutest thing ever! Those cool shades are the perfect touch too. I'm considering getting my camera sent in too... seems I can't get a decent pic to save my life... I don't know what wrong with it... you and Nina need to talk Dino into doing a little shoot of us girls in Chi town... :)


Yahoo!!! Congrats!!! Glad everyone is well!


how cute is she??

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