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Nancy aka belgianangel

Hey girl, have fun at the craft show! Let me know how it went okay? :)

Also, check out my blog hun, would not want you to miss out!


Shabby Miss Jenn

Okay I rarely have time for these shows but you are making me become addicted! Joey Lawrence! OH baby!!!! And the View? I'm with ya on Elizabeth! The rest? Ughh! I'd rather paint ...or scrap! LOL Can't wait to see those bags!


Holy cow Joey Lawrence looks O-L-D!!! I wouldn't have even recognized him if you hadn't said anything (obviously I haven't been watching Dancing with the Stars). Wowza.

Can't wait to see all your fun new bags. I am so happy that your camera is on its way home to you. I would be going through withdrawls without my camera, especially if I had a new little niece to take pictures of!


I'm with you on the Joey thing. What is up with the lack of hair?? And did you see the pilot for Jericho on yahoo? In the tv section you can watch the whole first show on the computer in streaming video. And triple yay on getting your camera back soon. :-)


Glad you will have your camera back - hopefully it will be back by tomorrow for our shopping trip - b/c I know we can get some cute photos doing that! And Isa will be along!

mel b.

i am with you on joey lawrence! he needs his hair back!!!! I have been only watching the results show because DH is gone on Wed. nights and I don't think I could put up with all his groaning through 2 hrs. on Tues. night! :) When does "What About Brian" start? I was liking that show a lot. I hope it gets a better time slot!

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