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Try http://www.bloglines.com -- you can just check one site and new posts will show up there. Photos are included for most sites too.


I use google home page with the blog reader.. pics show as well... as long as the person has the full post to show in their reader file.... love love love it.... (I'll show you in a couple weeks :) )

Heather Bailey

Bloglines is by far the most popular aggregator. It will show you when your favorite blogs have posted. You can either read the post there (with photos) or you can click the blog name and go straight to the pretty site to read the post in its natural habitat. A huge time-saver! (and it's free)


Oh my goodness, I have just laughed and laughed at that knitting lady, I could so relate to it. You have to have that sort of personality to see just how funny that is, thanks for sharing it.


Too funny! I took the time to watch it all and it is soooo like you! You gotta keep busy with some project. Sometimes you gotta just rest! It was a good weekend with family and church so now I am just taking it easy with Braelynn and Selah today. Have a good day! LY MOM


lol that is great!

so, i could totally be convinced to go to chi-town over the weekend (sigh, will have to work on the laptop issue-how could i go without a computer?????? ugh).... are you close????

and, yeah, i got three more greedy compliments on the purse today...you ~ROCK~

Nancy aka belgianangel

Lol.. that was so very funny. Miss ya girl! {hugs}

Nancy aka belgianangel

Shawna dear, you have been tagged! :) Head on over to my blog http://nancycomelab.blogspot.com and join in the fun!

Love ya!


he he... i came searching for your site as I need to talk bags... (and will email sep about that)but i read about ACDSee... I cannot say enough....yeah yeah yeah... a tip from a longtime user and fan... back up your database onto another drive... (hopefully your computer is partitioned) my computer has crashed and i have not cared at all b/c my gorgeous ACDSee data base with all those lovely tags is in place... I can find anything... any photo, any element, I even have tagged notepad files so i can find quotes and journaling to use later... when i do a scrap for hire project, I make a sep folder for that project to tag all i might want to use for it... have super day ....

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