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oh my goodness! I love your database!!!
All definitely should be like that... so you need to send me a link to what software you are using.. that looks way too fun....


I do like the shoes!!! Dino on the other hand doesn't, go figure...lol. :)

We will be here tonight, some on over! Shoot me or Dino an e-mail to tell us what time you might stop by.

Have a great day girl!


The shoes rock (I did order the pair with the Skull & Bones brooch)! The database rocks! The Tink keychain rocks! I need 3 *tink* keychains ASAP!!! I'll sign into PayPal when I get home to pay, I don't like doing it from the work PC and I am going for dinner and drinks with the girls right after work, so it will be after that......

Later chick......


Shabby Grace

OK, the shoes are not me, but for skulls and crossbones they are acceptable. My boys would love them. LOL They are always wanting stuff with skull and crossbones but I refuse to buy any- they are 5 and 8- YUCK! These are more cartoony looking and not creepy and scary so I say You GO Girl!
Also I am curious what database you are using- can you email me the name of your software?


LOL LOVE the pinny Sweets! It turned out DARLING! And PERFECT for craft shows!! Wish I could come with ya!
AND...I NEED those shoes! I just LOVE them!! REally! I must know where to look. :)


That is, without a doubt, the cutest database interface ever!

Robin "usavetmom"

LOVE the shoes. LOVE the database. LOVELOVELOVE the new mag and your newest layout. Dang, I'm so in awe, girl--you are the coolest!

Andrea Mooney

You're so stinkin' cute girl.
I want a purse. Do you do custom orders?


That's a great system and cute to boot.. I checked out your business blog too and I can't believe how good your prices are and oh my gosh - your bags are adorable! I'll visit again. ;)

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