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Good luck, you will do wonderful!


good luck! did you make your own tags or have someone do them? they are fab!!


I'd say you are pretty much prepared and probably will blow other booths out of the water!
Wish I could come up and see it!!!
GOOD LUCK!!! you will do GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to see pictures now that you have your camera back!


WOW! You have it all figured out, the displays sound wonderful and the tags are AWESOME! I have been to lots of crafts shows with my mom and I agree that your booth will be the most stylish!! And thanks for the database info~ I had asked too and am going to check it out! Hope all goes well and can't wait to see your photos!! Enjoy the show!

Laurie G

Shawn! I was gonna ask you if that's where you were gonna be selling LOL! That's a great show- you'll do really well I'm sure. I really want to try my best to make it! And- your booth sounds fabulous- and those tags are too cool!!!!! Great inventory system too!

I'm sure you already thought of these things, but just in case:
Have plenty of cash on hand for all of those people wanting to pay with their hundreds ;)
Have something to hand to people- if not a business card, some sort of small flyer- or both. Sometimes you see something you like and want to go back, but don't want to buy the first things you see- then you forget which booth you saw that fabulous purse at- so make sure you have your booth number on it.
Make sure you bring bags- I'm sure you already have something boutique-y with your logo on it. ;)
Make sure you let people know that you do special orders for the purses- they might like one style with another fabric.
Not like you'll get a chance LOL, but try not to sit down- unless you're sewing- which isn't bad- people love to see demonstrations. You could even do digiscrap demos. :) Anyway- always look like you're busy- which I'm sure you will be anyway!
Try to wear your purses- they always look better on a model. ;)
Oh- and many people love to spend their money to Christian businesses- so be sure to have some sort of symbol, plaque with a scripture from home, whatever.... so people know your beliefs- and of course it's a good witness. :)

Alright- sorry for the book LOL- I'll try to see you tomorrow. :)

I'll pray that you have a successful day!

Nancy aka belgianangel

I am so, so excited for you, Shawn! I can't wait to see photos of your booth and hear everything about how you went! Oh, you'll have so much fun! You sew, girl! :)

mel boniface

LOVE MY NEW BAG SHAWN!!!! It is so beautiful! It was so fun to finally meet you!! Your booth was beautiful! *If* you have any bags left after today, they will go like hotcakes on your blog. I wish everyone could see them in person, they look great! Now you need fun little labels for your bags so everyone knows they are Eclectic Whimsy bags! Hope the rest of the craft show goes well!
mel :)

Nancy aka belgianangel

OMG it is Monday here already and I ca't wait to hear (and see!) how you went on the Craft show! Let us know quick!!! :)

P.S: there's something on its way to you! :)

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