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Shawny this newest LO is so vibrant and full of life...I am LOVIN' that green!

On the weird thingy...we already know that you use your directional while in your driveway so that doesn't count! LOL

Love ya!


lol at jayne! i too, am loving the layout, the flowers and doodles-wow!
this new program looks great-you'll have to show me in chicago!


Gorgeous layout! I love the bright colors and all those mixed up elements, this was worth waiting for!


I am loving your organizational system although it makes my head hurt just thinking about starting that. I can't even imagine how many hours it would take me to tag everything. It really would be worth it though. Tempting. Very tempting.

On a side note, I tried the Sandra Bullock haircut after seeing your blog post. I even had bangs for the first time since 6th grade (a loooooong time ago). Turns out that I am not cut out for bangs. I love them on other people but I just can't do it. Your pigtails are adorable. I should try that to juice up my creative mojo. How to you keep all the little hairs in place with shorter hair? I always just end up looking crazy instead of creative after about an hour. :)

Nancy aka belgianangel

Stunning layout girl! Yay! Can't wait to see your new hairdo!!!!! :)


Great tips! I keep coming back to your blog to read more on ACDsee- please, don't think I am stalking you! LOL! :o)


Girl you are POSSESSED with this program! And now after seen your layout AND the way you used it to keep track of credits... I have fired up the EHD at 1:16am to tag some stuff before my sleeping meds kick in. :) LOVE the layout and I am soooo lifting it!!

I talked to Jayne today and she has been through hair colors all week, Lisa backed out of getting color at her last appointment and I'm due for my color (first time in YEARS) and trim on Wed. I'm so nervous about the color thing... hopefully it will be okay!


yeah shawn!!! love the layout and so glad to see one from you. also, you soooooooooo have to show me all about that orgainization program in chicago!! can't wait


Hi Shawn..

I was wondering what kind of program u used for organizing?? that is fabulous ..


Cute layouts!! If you get a chance you should upload some layouts on my site www.scraphappykt.com Hope to see ya there!


what a beautiful layout.. I'm so in awe of you digital scrappers.

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