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oh, that looks awesome!
and so glad you are doing the class! you'll have so much fun with it!!!
see you sooon!


Very cool desktop! That is a fabulous idea. I just have boring old pictures. Geez, don't I feel like a slacker.


Your new desktop is great!!!! OK - so maybe if you do a super cute purse in the corduroy I would like that - then I can have one yet before Chicago. I am so indecisive so maybe you just do one that you think is me. I like it medium size with at least a snap closure! Talk to ya soon - gotta figure out the train thing.


How productive of you...my desktop still has my "March 2006" artwork/schedule...you'll see on Thursday! LOL

PS - I may have to fly in for a class at the bakery ;)

mel b.

I will be there for the class!!! Let me know what I have to do to sign up, times, etc. My DH has been cleaning off his work laptop, got more memory and will be snagging a wireless card so I can use it for the class. I am soooo excited!!! see ya soon!


Your desktop inspired me to clean mine up NOW! That new purse with the corduroy sounds awesome! I'd love one but I'm as bad as Manda about trying to make a desision on it... so whenever you have time.. just let me know you have one and I'll paypal ya ;)

Kellie (joelsgirl)

Hey Shawn, I'm still loving my bag, but I'm starting to think I have enough saved up for a new one...just don't tell my husband! Your class sounds fun; I wish I was in your area, but fortunately I'm down here in the south where it's still in the 80's, praise the Lord! Janet Phillips has some fun templates at The Digi Shoppe:
Have fun at your class!


Hey girlie! How's everything going? Have you received my package yet? :)

Suzzi in Stockholm, Sweden

I love your desktop idea :)


Hi Shawn - that looks great. Your site is getting a little old (I know that you've been busy). That is why I hope this is the best place to ask you to call me at work before 2 today. Talk to ya soon!

I love your blog

Where are you, Auntie Pea? I love to read your blog and miss it!

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