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I don't think ironing jeans is too weird I always have ironed mine.(maybe I am weird & didn't realize it) LOL! And from a blog readers point of view posts with pics is always more interesting.


I absolutely love steam! I've even considered purchasing one of those mannequin steam machines with a pedal (whatever they're called - LOL) to satisfy my wrinke free fix. I've heard they do wonders on poplin shirts and mens suits.

I actually DO iron my pajamas, the cotton or light linen pant sets, since I like putting my pajamas on early (around 9pm) and lounging around in them for a few hours before bed. Wrinkles would make me look messy and homeless! :)

Love this post! I feel less crazy now that i know I am not alone with my iron craze!

Shabby Grace

Ditto on both counts... I guess I am a weirdo too, or rather, Quirky~ gotta have that steam, ironing is no good without it! And I agree that I really feel the need to have some sort of visual on my blog... and I think EVERYONE appreciates that quirk!


Steam is a must!! You cannot quilt without a good iron with a good steam! :) I am working on a quilt right now with the thangles patterns and there are 25 2 inch blocks in each big block! Without the iron it would look awful!!! (By the way I will NEVER make one of this pattern again!) I will post pics on my site soon.


By the way, did I mention that I have two irons in my house?? One for my husbands uniforms and one he isn't allowed to touch?! So see I am quirky too! lol

Nancy aka belgianangel

Lol, thanks for playing along, girl! Can't empathize with you on the iron-love, I am allergic to them! Can't even come withing two feet, LOL! I do love how you always post photos on your blog, can't stop looking at all that eye-candy! Toodles!


Okay girl... we are for sure twins on the iron.. I do the EXACT same thing. The iron stays on the steam setting and I pump that steam button to no end ;) I also iron my clothes (top and bottom) EVERY DAY.. even if it's just a pair of jeans. We will be sharing that iron for sure in Chi Town.


OK we are sisters and we are polar opposites. I hate the iron - although I know that you get your love of them from mom and Grandma! When I had a blog I did not have to have pics in every post - but again - I do not have the quality camera that you have!!! :) Love you for your wierdisms!


Who doesn't iron their jeans?? Now that would be weird!! I must be a super freak cause i iron my pj's for sure! And my iron never gets of the highest steam setting. I dream about one of those fancy pants irons that has a whole docking station for the water and runs on pure steam baby!! But I am a quilter, so the iron is my friend :o)(that's my excuse and I'm stcking to it!).


Yep. A good iron is priceless! And a good steam button is a MUST HAVE! I admit that I'm a steam freak, as well, and iron every piece of clothing that any of us wear. But nothing bugs me more than when I'm right in the middle of a good steam press and the iron runs out of water. DOH! HATE that!!
Love your blog, babes, with all of your pics AND quirky wierdness. That's what makes you so darn cool. See you soon~ :)

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