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Shabby Miss Jenn

OH I sooo love you! Thank you Shawneeee! Smoochies!



Hey Shawn! Mark one of those blue/green bags "sold" for me (I couldn't get the "buy it now" button to work), and you can scratch the second request from my email!


Maegan Birr

Ooooh thanks for pointing me to Jenn's shop. I just got done loading up on goodies. :)

I would load up on purses, but I need LOTS of pockets (and a zipper closure) since mine is 1/4 my purse and 3/4 toddler bag. Yours are so pretty though...and so tempting.


just found your blog and I have really enjoyed reading your posts - we have some of the same books on our reading lists too - an dit seems the propensity to acquire more books than we can read


Same wavelength AGAIN! I cleaned up on the SMJ sale....since I am an element hound the elements were worth way more than the $2 price & it was my lucky day...up until now I was unable to buy anything from SMJ (and had been meaning to ask Jenn about this) b/c everytime I would go to the Designs page to buy it's blank! This week with LOTS of clicking in and out of different links I got in and shopped!!!! For once a technical difficulty worked to my advantage! LOL


ok - you have to tell me what you have left in your stock of purses... cause I need to do some christmas shopping bad.........

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