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Maegan Birr

Woo Hoo, I am the first commenter! Yes, I am one of those that has been looking for you everyday. :)

I love your new laptop. I can't believe you caved and bought one. YOu could have broken your laptop again with just a little more effort and got a new one. You should try it anyway.;)

All right you enabler, I am off to go buy the latest Digital Art Magazine to look at your handy work. Have a great week!


yes, i came everyday, sometimes twice a day!!
i need a life, huh?
what a gorgeous piece of machine you got there! congratulations!


I've missed your inspiring posts! Of course, life happens so I am just glad to see you back! Gorgeous machine you have there!! And awesome, awesome handbags- loooove them!!
Hope all goes well at the craft show! :o)


Where to start. Long post=long comment!!! LOVE that you got your new laptop for FREE!!!! Can't wait to see it and I will be jealous when you are sitting next to me scrapping and it is soaring right along next to my SLOW one! Those new bags are fabulous - love the description of the blue! I am for sure coming to this craft show! And whatever you have left you know I still want - but I will let the customers have first dibs over sister! I am off to buy the magazine - sounds divine and it has not disappointed thus far and sounds like it won't this time either! Glad to see ya back girl!


Oh! Hi Shawna! So good to 'see' you again! I, too, have been stalking your blog several times a day since your last post! :)
Woohoo! Congrats on the new laptop! And those bags.. aren't they just the most awesome! Hope you enjoy the craft show this Saturday! Have fun, girl! Oh and.. stop ignoring me! LOL. Na...talk soon! {hugs}


Hey I was just checking what you were up to lately on your blog and guess what the last blog was an apology for not being around but it was because of no laptop but it is now 12 days later and no new blogs since - you better get bloggin or we will all quit checking! Luv ya always! MOM

Maegan Birr

Alright girlie....where the heck did you go? I am keeping my fingers crossed that your new laptop didn't crap out on you.

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