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Poor, poor Sadie. :( I just chalk the awkwardness up to creative editing. I'm sure he and Jen DO have chemistry....they just don't show it to get you invested more in the other girl.
L.O.V.E Chris Daughtry! Thanks for putting those on there, Sweets! I'll be picking up the CD today. Love it.


The Bachelor - I haven't watched it much but based on last nights show, I thought that it would be Sadie too (better choice in dress for sure). I fell asleep at the end so I had to check here for the final - thanks!

Love the pic of Kennedy - now I have an up-to-date pic for my desktop. Thank-you!

Don't forget to keep me on your list for the book too.


Yep, I was disappointed in the Bachelor finale too. I would not be surprised if they were broken up already, but I don't know for sure.

That Kennedy is SO cute!!

Shabby Miss Jenn

My fellow bachelorite....I was soooo MAD he didn't pick Sadie! LOL They really made it soooo obvious that he was soooo for her! UGHH!!! After he ditched Sadie, I turned it off! UGHHHHH! I hope he's still not with Jennifer...lol..maybe he found someone more interesting! :)


Hey Shawn,
Thanks for the update on what bags you have available! I've been perusing them and may stop back by to make a purchase for my mom! you make the cutest things! :)

Ann (brownie13)


Argh - can you believe he picked Jen?!! I was half glad b/c I know she can do SOOO much better - she really does deserve a GREAT guy. Lorenzo was kind of dorky if you ask me! Anyway - him and Jen did seem totally awkward. OK and on the Sadie note - didn't she remind you a little of Tammy - geesh Tammy has like Reese Witherspoon and Sadie down now - lucky girl!


OMGosh, TOTALLY agree with you on the Sadie/Jen saga. I posted at thread at DST 'cuz I was so angry!! Another season of the Bachelor wasted....I really think he picked the wrong girl and it was painful to watch her reaction. UGH. Well, at least the preview of the next season's bachelor was worth the waste of my two hours last night! :)

Maegan Birr

OK, I am feeling like a big dork. Can you believe that I have never watched the bachelor. I know, gasp! Reality shows are just not my thing. Did you find out if they were still together? (I'm curious too).


That was a super disappointment!!And then he wanted her to sit and explain why she didn't understand (or whatever)GGRRRRRRRR!!
I heard on tv the very next day they are broken up...What a waste!Maybe just a mommas boy and wanted to not disappoint? :(


Okay, so good to know I wasn't the only one so disappointed that he didn't pick Sadie...I can't for the life of me understand why he went with the other girl whom I've already forgotten her name!


Weren't you going to post to this blog yesterday, missy?!?!?! :)

love, me <><

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