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Angie Radawicz

I'd love to read the book. I also saw it on Melody's post and was looking at buying it. Also love your blog...I miss when you're not updating and I sure wish I was close to attend your digi classes! I'm in the Denver area, and to the best of my knowledge, we have nothing like that around here.


YAY! She posts!! :)
LOVE Tracy ann's stuff! Thanks for the recommendations. I always know I can count on you to know of fab scrapping goodies.
I already told ya, but I'm still SO jealous of the Josh Groban concert. Maybe you can whip up a really big bag that I could fit inside. LOL
And now I HAVE to get Chris Daughtry's album! This was a very enabling post you did Shawny. Love ya friend! Happy Thanksgiving!


Lol.. a good book indeed should never go to waste, and I am a sucker for them. So...
Oh, I would so love to join in one of your digi classes. I wouldn't mind picking up a thing or two from such a talented scrapper as yourself! :)
I know! I love Tracy Ann as well!! Go Aussie! Lol. Ooooh Josh Groban.. the first time I heard of him was from the movie Troy, anad I have loved him ever since! I must be listening to Josh every day! I don't know Chris Daughtry, but after this post I am sure I will ! Thanks, girl!
Now, have a wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving! {{{hugs}}}


I haven't been a good blogger lately either. But I do enjoy your posts! And I love your purses.

Happy Thanksgiving.


It's about time!!!!!! LOL

I have to get the Daughtry CD and check that out...I'm loving the commercials for it!

Also, I was just going to text you and tell you I have yet to watch my DVR'd episode of this Monday's What AboutBrian but if it doesn't pick up I just might have to let that show go to the TV grave....Brothers & Sisters is so good and it MOVES all the story line...someone over there needs to pay a visit to the WAB production set! LOL


I know I don't comment enought, but I would love a good read. Pick Me, Pick Me!
I do love to read your blog so keep it up (long or short, doesn't matter to me).


You've outdone yourself with the new purses. Absolutely adorable.

I've been following Melody's blog recently too. That book is on my Christmas list.

I would not be disappointed to receive it before Christmas. Nope. Not at all. LOL.

Always enjoy your blog. Thanks.

Kellie (joelsgirl)

If you haven't drawn for it yet, I'd love to have my name in the drawing. I love the new bags, and hopefully I'll get enough dough for Christmas to get me one. I was also wondering where you found the audio version of that book. I've about decided that I need to start downloading books because I spend SO MUCH time in the car and would love to have something good to listen to. Thanks!


too late to put my name in for the drawing?


Ooooh!! Am I too late!? :) I've been looking to get that book! LOL Seems like such a great read. I have a hard time getting into books sometime too (I think I just spend too much time online), but this one looks awesome. Might have to try the audio thing sometime too- hope you had a great time at the class!


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