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hi shawny! i was wondering if you could email me a playlist of the artists on your ipod over here. i am crazy guessing over here! i know one is mat kearney, and one sounds a lot like warren barfield...the last one sounds like madeleine peyroux. help me paleeese!

Maegan Birr

I still check everyday. It's a happy surprise to see new posts. :) Man, I am bummed I missed the Charlie Brown Christmas special. That is one of my favorites. I bought Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer last year b/c I missed it on TV. I love those oldies!

Laurie G

Hey Shawn-
I love Charlie Brown Christmas and you're right it's amazing that the words "Christ the Lord" are allowed to be uttered on TV anymore *sigh* I hope and pray that they keep airing it every year.

Awesome job on the purses as always! I hope the HC show went well for you!

God bless!


It was so nice to hear that Charlie Brown clip since I missed the program on tv! It is so awesome that they air it every year! I might just have to go out and buy that one! I think that little guy looks like Braelynn with his thumb sucking and blanket up the ear thing - is it lianess(sp?)? Anyway - good post! Congrats kimmy on winning the book!


WooHoo! I am so excited about the book and I really do hate to put you in that position. I almost didn't tell you that I would like to read it because it would put you in a awkward position. I am not one to read books more than once (in fact, I am really not one to read books at all but I need to turn over a new leaf) so I will gladly pass it on to whoever would like to read it after I am done. Great post and I would like to see your purses in person so that I can try one on for size - I am probably the only female family member who doesn't have one yet.


I am a HUGE Peanuts fan so I love your video clip! I make the kids sit and watch the Charlie Brown specials every time they come on. I would love to get your category list for ACDSee too. I am working hard on getting my stuff all tagged in there!
Happy Holidays!


Ah yes, Charlie Brown is a classic, I remember watching this special every year, year after year, lol. This year I made my kids watch it with me, my eldest loved it but it couldn't keep the attention of my youngest (oh well, next year, lol). PS... LOVE your bags, they are so colorful and funky!


Hi Shawn! I haven't been here in ages but I wanted to stop in and say hi... love your bags. :)

Hope you're having a good start to December!

Audrey Litfin

That video is darling, I haven't seen the Charlie Brown Christmas special in years and years but so true, nice to see it still is on and talking about what Christmas is really about!


Hi Shawn,
I am doing a post about my favorite picks for last minute gifts and had to write about your beautiful bags!!

Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

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