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Have a great day at the beach..and I have some ideas for you that I will tell you later:) I know whatcha mean about the extra spending money though..it's hard to make it these days:) Hugs my friend:) Haver fun tonight too!!!!


Just a little hint about avoiding the crowds at the beach: Pick a beach that is less busy and maybe even FREE. I don't want to give these great spots away to everyone so I will give you some hints. The first pick would be the beach at the end of the main street we grew up on - you know the one. The second place isn't free, but I believe it has a really cool tunnel to go thru. May have more small kids, but more than likely fewer teeny boppers. Just a couple of ideas. Have fun, don't get burnt, and we'll see you tonight.


You have always been my source for the best fonts! If it wasn't for you, I never would've discovered Reservoir Grunge, one of my favorites of all time!

Shabby Miss Jenn

Well I wish you were closer cuz you'd have fun at our lil sewing group!!!! I hear ya on the font!!!!

lisa (momy4him)

have a fun day at the beach and thanks for the font link!


Thanks for linking me up, that was so sweet! Just glad I remebered the name of it and could help :)

Cathy Pascual

i love that font!

and i love what you did with it on this post!


What I've learned from the beach today was that I believe my life is on the downward side the moment I goto the beach and fly a kite while using a metal detector. If you EVER see me doing that, just finish me off. Push me in the water, do something. End it quickly. Thank you.

I also must mention that I see no issue with going to a busy beach with 'teeny boppers' all around. I am an unbiased beach going person. :)


Ooh! Fun font! Thanks for the enabling! (LOVE free enabling!)


LOVE the font, Shawn! You always have the BEST ones and I swear they look better on your pages than mine too! I just used this new little gem on a page earlier. :-) How great that you went back to the beach! I am counting down the days until I am sitting on one in FL!


thanks for the link to the great fonts ... I am addicted to fonts, how sad does that sound???


That is very cool! Hmmm.. would look great as letters. ;) Hope you're enjoying your summer! xo

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