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I gave you input on advice for paint. You paint it red, but immediately wipe the paint with a cloth so the wood is tainted. Then you cut the bristles on the paint brush in zig zags and brush black over it. Wipe the black right away too. Do that twice (with black) and you will have a rusty looking table. Make sure you glaze it afterwards of course.

Genius :)

Why do you point out the 0 comments? Are we craving attention?


Guppie is funny:) I say go with the black and distress the edges:) Fun chattin' with ya last night!! Have a fun weekend:)


I feel the same way when I don't get comments. I like the validation. Is that bad? I find the community at DST very supportive but I tend to post in chunks. I go crazy for a couple weeks then nothing (like now for instance). I did in fact sign up for a SisTV account, I just need to upload my layouts.

Happy painting! :)


Don't feel your layouts are not good Shawn, they are, most people are probably like me & are on limited time to browse the galleries & don't take the time to comment, doesn't mean we don't love them though and enjoy looking at them.


Ummm, I click on your layouts lots of times looking for inspiration, and I only add a comment once...so you can chalk some of those views up to me. Sorry about that! I love your gallery and I'm so glad you're scrapping again!


I just joined the SiSTV website on your recommendation, and I love it! Thanks for being my first commenter on there :)

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