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First of all, I am not completely into the digi-scrapping thing so I think I will have to check it out so I know what you are talking about.

Secondly, your shameless plugs for my site are just crazy. Stop it, I am starting to blush.

Thirdly, I don't think I have one, but if I did, it would be that I REALLY love the banner you created for my blog. You are an awesome sister (and you are a real sister, not a digi-thing).
Have a great day at the beach and don't get burned!


I couldn't agree with you more!!
The way you listed all the good things about this site is just what I've been thinking about lately. You rock!

Hopefully they'll be more some talented digi scrappers over there soon.
I have a couple digital layouts I want to post tonight. But I'm warning ya, I'm nowhere near as good as you!


OK, you convinced me! I'll go check it out tonight. :)


your not the first to say this site is awesome.. but you saying.. is a selling point!!! I do like how you can hover over thumbnails and all of sudden they are huge!!! nice.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR HAIRCUT!!! YEA!!! May I just say.. (and you've heard this a million times before..) You are so beautiful!!!


Hey! Your post kept me entertained while sitting in class.. Thanks! your faithful comments on my blog mean so much. Unfortunately i am not moving into the charming house.. My roommate didnt want to deal with a laundry room kitchen combo and i cant afford 1k a month on my own. But the new place is really big and we move in a couple weeks. I cant wait to get together whether it be here or there. Chicago sounds nice in early fall.. whatcha think?

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