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Great LO Shawny. I don't think that I could have chosen just one of my favorite characteristics about you, but your eyes are truly beautiful. Anyway, those pics highlight your eyes wonderfully. Let me know what night is girls night and I will try to get away that night (don't think we have much going this week so it shouldn't be a problem). And we'll work on the car AC thing real soon, too.


Love that layout!
Awesome pics of you!
So good to see you scrappin again!

mel b.

Love the LO Shawn!! Those are great pictures of you too! I should do that sometime. I never have pictures taken of just me. Heck, I am hardly in photos anymore anyway! :)

I would love it if you would post some more pictures of your super cute haircut, like the back and everything because I wanna steal your cut! :) I want to go shorter again, but I really had nothing in mind. I am really lovin' your cut. I am doing lighter highlights for sure even if I don't go shorter with the length, but I am also loving the red in your hair. :) so beautiful!!!

Have a wonderful week!!!
mel :)


I finally put my finger on what seems different abt you lately...

You seem happy. Really HAPPY.

I love that.

love, me <><

Shabby Miss Jenn

OMG I am sooo with you on the gas prices this week! Made me wanna drive all day long! LOL LLOOOOOOOVE your page girl! I looove too many things about you to just pick one! :)


I love your layout! And I'm so jealous you've been on a scrapping roll...I lost my creativity somewhere during our move to the East Coast and I absolutely can't find it anywhere. The problem is I WANT to scrap, I am just totally blocked. Anyway, sorry, I totally didn't mean to make this comment all about me!! LOL


the *people love* is SO a puggle thing!! belle reacts the same way when she encounters *people* that pass her by without saying hi.. she gets so mad!! miss belle is 5 months and 13 lbs.. no mare "baby fat" and the softness in her wrinkles is diminishing, but she's such a love!! (and still has NO idea that she's a dog :P)

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