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Clean Master Bath? Do ya think!! ;)

It is going to be a great day, I can feel it too. :) or should I say :P


Oh, I did want to comment on the book, but last time I made any comments on SEX and GOD, things just went down hill. Not that I really cared, but you caught some grief. So I'll just keep my comments to myself. :)


Hey there......I think we are on the same page...I am drafting my post again and it is about the little things and about things aI am grateful for...how funny:)Have afun day:)


BWAHAHA! Oh my goodness, all of the people surrounding me in Tully's probably think I am a crazy person b/c I just burst out laughing after reading that news story. I should not be laughing! That is just terrible! LOL!

There may be something arriving on your doorstep soon to cheer you up. Possibly. I admit to nothing. ;)

Shabby Miss Jenn

OH I looove the lines in the carpet! Your bloggie post is sooo refreshing for me today!!!! xoxoxo


that story was hysterical...not something I should be laughing at AT ALL, lol, but none the less, hysterical.
I am glad to hear you sounding happier again:)

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