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oh no, you did not just knock my photography skills?!?!?!?!

Maybe if you smiled right away I wouldn't have to make goofy faces to get that smile.

You sure have become cocky. I love it.

Shabby Miss Jenn



OK phew! When I was shopping for Pixel I could have sworn she was a girl, then I read HE on the blog somewhere and thought, "Crud, I just sent the boy doggie a purse...well it can be a man bag." I am so glad that I was right the first time. I just love the bling! She is do darn cute! And carrying like a purse? Darling.

Your hair is FABULOUS! Love it. It seems so versatile and fun. And the colors? Fab.


L-O-V-E the hair!!! And, I'm totally LOL at Meagan's post---a man bag {for a dog, lololol}!!


Lovin' the hair cut! Can't wait to see it in person.

I also can't wait to see the cute purse pixel has now - she's gonna be just like her momma. :)

Oh yeah, and thanks for the awesome banner on my blog. You are so awesome at the design stuff.

mel b.

Love the haircut and color! I have always thought you have cute hair shawn, but this is seriously the CUTEST cut. It looks really good on you!

I just looked at your flickr photos and saw the one of your man with the kevin bacon caption and it finally clicked HE TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE KEVIN BACON! Lovin' all the cute pix on flickr. you look very happy and i am happy for ya!

I will be contacting you soon when i save up some bucks. I have a purse I want you to make for me inspired by another one of kim's aprons. i think it would be cute and you would be just the girl to do it!!!

have a good one and darn it if i don't want to get a hair cut now! :)
mel :)


That is soo darn cute:) And love the hair too. I got my hair cut last week..and not enough nerve for a new style..but lovin' the color:)


Loving your hair!! I am sooooo glad that you have found something else to be HAPPY about. You look great with the cut and color! I just went to Flickr and left you some comments. ;-) AWESOME photos and looks like you are having so much fun out on the town with your celebrity man. ;-)


LOVE your hair!


Love the hair! It's so super cute! I wish I was brave enough to go with something so sporty. VERY CUTE!

Nancy Comelab

Your posts can NEVER be too long, Shawna! I just love reading your blog!
Oh and.. wow..I am in LOVE with your hair! You are such a total babe! Head to toe - since we've seen those too! Lol.
It's been so wonderful talking to you this morning, girlfriend. Love you to bits! And hey, don't forget to touch your chin! :)
Talk soon!

Kim (OliveJuice)

Toooo stinkin' cute, yes you are! LOVE the new *wig* (as Jaynie says. LOL). You weren't kidding, it's a fabulous cut! Ugh, makes me want to call and get an appointment at the salon ASAP.
And isn't Maeg a doll?!! I love her and sweet little Zoe to pieces. Such a kind soul.
Loved chatting with you this weekend.
Talk soon~
((SMooshie hugs))


WOW your hair looks great, & that little puppy is just so cute, he must be wonderful company for you.


It's so funny that Eeoyre was Pixels fav toy.. Miss Belle loves on her Tigger like it's a real puppy!!


your hair is to die for..fabulous... now you dont know me, and what a bizarre comment, i love the look of your blog and have been reading off and on for months... because i love looking at things here....and your hair is the first thing that drew me out of lurkdom... hah! seriously, i do enjoy reading your blog, and your hair is fab!


Shootfire, I'm behind on the blog reading! Welp, your hair looks GORGEOUS, I so wish I could pull of a funky rocker cut like that. And man, you look like you're 24!!!

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