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So much to love so little time right? So sorry your weekends been crappy. I've been working all weekend. :( YUCK!


You should consider digi-scrapping classes..you are soo amazingly creative and I know others could glean off your artisticness. I think word of mouth travels. You could even do a layout and post to SISTV with your ambitions?? Word of mouth travels....just a thought..or blog banner design too. And of course the purses are so nice too.


LOVE all the bid-ness ideas! I have a strong belief that if you are doing something you're passionate about, there is no other option but to be successful. So find what you're MOST passionate about and GO FOR IT!!!!
CONGRATS on the scrapping spotlight. You sooooo deserve it girlie! YOur latest pages have been FAB-U-LOUS!!! Some of the very best pages I've ever seen--EVAH!!!!
Hope you have a good remainder of the weekend.


Hi Shawn! I discovered your blog thru DST and I love it! I also love your bags. You would make alot of digiscrap girls happy if you offered a laptop bag, especially up to 17 inch wide laptops and camera bags. Just a thought!


LOVE that Catwalk lo Shawn! How lucky you are. I love the way you painted on the photo to make the text show up. You've got skills!


Love seeing you getting excited about your creative ventures again!
Anything you do you will succeed in, you have too much talent to not!
Love that layout!!!

lisa (momy4him)

just do what you love, the rest will fall into place!
congrats on being on the catwalk- you're a supastar!


Okay well since you asked and I JUST came over here cause I am choosing to splurge on one item each month just for me totally unnecessary, nothing to do with the house or the kids or anything but me! And this month I chose your Eclectic Whimsy bags!

I LOVE green. Like primary green, love black and white. My dream purse would have green and black and white with like a pink ribbon somewhere :) I like it big but not HUGE... I love elegant damask patterns in black and white. I love bold color and patterns. Kinda with a little emo/punk vibe going on. Yeah :)

Having said all that, I don't expect you to make that for me, it's just that if you did I would totally buy it, but in the meantime I am gonna go check out what you've got at the moment :)


That guy in the layout is super hot. He's gotta be the coolest guy in the world and definitly the luckiest guy to have somebody like you in his life. He must be totally and madly in love with you for him to allow a picture of himself to be distributed on the internet. Oh the envy.


Shawn you are so talented... you would have success in whatever endeavor you pursue, I'm sure! Just by word of mouth. I would advertise for you on my blog@

thanks for the Pixel photo... so cute! She's getting big


Hey Girl,
You've got so many talents and so many options. Here's my 2 cents for what it's worth.
The bags are cool, funky, etc. But I'm thinking they could be pretty labor-intensive. And if you'll notice in my profile, I consider myself a 'lazy' work-a-holic, so 'labor intensive' is not something I get excited about!

I LOVE the idea of digi scrapping classes, online tutorials, etc. Because I would love to learn that...I think there is a huge market for that. There also might be some competition, too, so you would have to look at that. This seems to be one of your (huge) strengths!

That being said, you are so talented...well, I'm sure you'd be great at anything you choose to focus on!


Shoot!!!! We were on the Catwalk on the 26th too???? I missed the 2 of us up there!!!!! WTH??? LOL We go MIA for like a week or 2 and we both miss out on being on the Catwalk and at the same time!!!!

Pixel is looking marvelous...btw, I changed the color scheme of your bedroom! I am going with either Passion Blue or Pool Blue below the little chair rail thingy & Veil Cream above it which is a "pearly creamy beige-y silvery white" (like that description?) :D I figure this way I can still bring in my magnetas and fuschias if I want or i could go with reds, browns, greens, whatever i feel for the accent rather than getting tied into that orange i was dying for...but then again, until the paint is on the wall who knows what it will be...oh and, once the paint IS ont he walls I'll probably hate it and need to repaint anyway :D


This was one long blog post. I know that you are incredible with all the little side jobs you do. You could do any of them and be very successful. I would defintely advertise on my blog for whatever you do - however, most of my visitors have come from you so I don't know that it would help much. :) I'd pay for all your talents/services, but you probably wouldn't take my money.


You can DO it!

I have complete faith in you, Shawn. You are SO talented...sewing, scrapping, photography... pretty much everything.

I agree with Kim. Figure out what you are most passionate about and go for it. That will allow you to hone your skills in what ever you decide to do. I am going to send you an email on business specific things that way my comment isn't a page long. :)



You can DO it!

I have complete faith in you, Shawn. You are SO talented...sewing, scrapping, photography... pretty much everything.

I agree with Kim. Figure out what you are most passionate about and go for it. That will allow you to hone your skills in what ever you decide to do. I am going to send you an email on business specific things that way my comment isn't a page long. :)


Shabby Miss Jenn

OH I say do them all! :) Just go crazy and have fun! I think being busy can be so motivating too! And then more ideas always come up because that creative brain is always on the move! OMG Loooooove cute lil pixel there! Have a great one dahlinnnnnng! :)


Shawn -

I wanted to comment about doing the scrapping for hire. Before going digital I wanted to do the same thing with paper scrapping. I too was concerned about what would happen if the client didn't like my style when I had finished.
The best solution I came up with is making pre-made albums. Divide them into categories (wedding, vacation/travel, baby, love, etc). Do different styles/colors in each category. Maybe you could take this idea digital by doing quick-page albums. You can do all different styles/colors, and people buy the ones they like. Then no one will be unhappy. It even gives you a little more freedom when designing the layout because you don't have to cater to the specific photos. Let me know what you think!

As for your side photography business - I DEFINITELY think you will be successful at that. I love your photography. My dad does portraits and we are starting up a business as well. Our site should be going live in a couple of weeks!!

Also a big congrats on being chosen for the catwalk. The LO that was chosen is one of my faves because of the sweet sentiments. Awesome job! Can't wait to see some more LO'S!


uno: why not make the embellishments "removeable", like with a pin back? that way you can market the bags as being embellished or as coming with a coordinating accessory?

dos: Pixel. The "you-can't-possibly-think-that-I-did-that" look. The running away with contraband. I think she and Belle are secret sisters.




Just a thought on your digiscrapping classes. Online woud be great - a lot of upfront set-up by you and then monitoring while the classes are live. Jessica Sprague just started doing this through her website.

Also, for in person classes - I'd look into a local Mom and Pop camera shop rather than an LSS. The Mom and Pop shops usually offer classes with the purchase of a camera so have class room space. They stock albums and print photos so you'd be helping their business grow.


Sara Duckett

I just found your blog through Tara at Bella Pink. I just love it. I have read through some of your older posts and have to say a few things...

#1 I love your hair too! Very cute. Short hair looks terrible on me, but I have always admired it on others. The color is very pretty too!

#2 Your pup is adorable. And I LOVE the photo frame you have around her in this post, where can I get it?

#3 I have seen a few people advertise for blog banner design and such on etsy.com. You are very talented with all this digital scraping, I can imagine you would be a great success. I love what you did with Chez Fifi's site.

Sorry for my long winded comment! :)

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