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Oh my gosh you are killing me! I am so excited to see what you are working on. I check my email about five times a day to see if I have something from you in my inbox. Is that pathetic? Possibly. Shari's blog looks amazing!!! You should take some time to redesign your blog and your store too. That is part of the fun after all. :) Have a great weekend!


YAY... a formal introduction.. i wouldnt admit it to anyone besides you (PIMP) that i haev been refreshing your blog all day to see if i made an appearance.. HA.

i cant wait for the website.!!


Wow...Shari's site is amazing..you truly have the knack for designing. Taht bike is pretty cool I saw one like that at a bike store here in town (Joey wants me to bike with him and his cool retro bike)


I wish I had a camera to get a picture of your face when you saw that bike. LOL. Your eye's lit up and you got this huge smile. Your such a dork. But your my dork. :)

If your so good at designing, why did I just pay $40 to get my next tattoo designed by someone else?

Oh, for everyone else, Shawn almost passed out just hearing the guy talk to me about tattoos. Her face all flushed she had to go sit down. LOL. Wussie! What are you going to do in the room when the needle hits the skin? the blood ooozing all over? LOL Your out cold!

Still think you should get your nose pierced. So sexy. Maybe a small tattoo? LOL. You still with me here? Hello? You reading this? Hello? LOL


My goodness you are busy. How do you manage it all? Great work on the web designs! Love the baby announcement!


That bike is VERY cool! Definitely cooler than mine! I really should NOT have gone with a mountain bike - hard on the rear end!!! You will definitely be in style cruisin' around on that!
You already know that I LOVE LOVE what you did with my blog! You definitely knew what I was wanting, even when I didn't know! ;-) LOVE this! THANK YOU again! Can't wait to see what you do next!


OH! I think you should get your nose pierced it would so go with your funky cool hairstyles

Shabby Miss Jenn

WOoooo hoooo~ Looove Shar's new blog! And loove that bike! Holy cow!


Hey Shawn! You are quite the busy bee! I love everything you're working on!
I checked out the photography site - personal interest since we're starting a portrait business! LOL
Just wanted to let you know the link to the engagement gallery doesn't work.
It ends photos/engagements//
so it doesn't go through.
I was able to get to it by manually typing with only one / at the end but wanted you to know so you can fix it (if you do that) or let her know! =)

Sarah Huizenga

Shawn- you impress/amaze me all the time with your many talents- you are so good in so many areas. I love your baby announcement- adorable! Will you be at the ZCS craft show again this year with your purses/bags?


Hi Shawn! I came upon your blog through Mariah's site. She's doing some design work for moi, and I simply love your style. I wanted to tell you how much I love your music. Sara Braleilles (sp?) is one of my new favorites, along with Hem, Jon Mclaughlin.

Great music taste!



As soon as your blog finished loading, I could NOT stop thinking, "This has got to be the most beautifully designed blog I've ever seen."


Then I actually started reading posts and my eyes nearly bugged out when I saw that you generously share the beauty and use your talents to help other people make their blogs gorgeous, too! And then I saw how affordable your prices are and the eyeballs not only almost bugged out, but almost bugged out & rolled across the floor.

Unfortunately, I just gave my blog an Extrem (Blog) Makeover, so I'm going to try to restrain myself from spending money on it right now -- BUT I will freely confess, I'm not 100% happy with it -- not even 98% happy with it -- and self-restraint isn't my strongest quality by far.

So (in Terminator voice) I'LL BE BACK.

Seriously, I'll be back to read your beautiful blog and one day, one day I'll be back to get on the list to be a client so you can work your magic on my little bloggy space on the net.

{end gushing}


chris jenkins

dude you rock. i wish i had half the talent!

perhaps i need to hire you to make my blog look pretty!

keep it up and so happy you're business is taking off! congrats!

p.s. that bike is very chic


If you don't update soon, I might cry!



I'll do a post on behalf of Shawn. Her artistic abilities have been discovered by hundreds of people. She spends her days and nights doing a bunch of designs for people. The time in between, she's sewing handbags. Although busy, she loves it! She has found her niche.

I am now 100% in charge of all household duties. When I come over she makes me clean the house, walk the dog and do her laundry. I even had to make her bed, although it was not good enough since I didn't have hospital corners. She made me sit in the closet for a couple hours reading a pamphlet on how to do hospital corners. I think I can do them now.

To show you how much she loves her work and is dedicated to her customers, the shampoo and soap in our shower is completely disorganized. I moved a bunch of bottles around the other day and she didn't even notice. WHOAH!



I so love the layout you did with the little boy and the black and white kitten. The photo just blew me away and brought tears to me eyes (actually more than a few tears). My own little boy is now grown and his little black and white kitten just passed away at age 14. Maybe I'm a little mushy, but I just love your work. Thank you for sharing.

Kim (OliveJuice)

I'm ROFL at Guppie. :)


Your bloggers miss you! So glad I decided to read your comments and get the update on your crazy/busy life! That was tooooo funny.
Hope all is peachy!


Hope you're not blogging cuz you're too busy having fun! We miss you, though!


Okay... obviously I'm not the only one missing your installments of bloggerness creativity! Hope you're doing well!


how honored I am that even though you are so crazy busy you came and visited little ole me.
you are so sweet!
I can't believe how talented you are...and what absolutely GORGEOUS blogs you make......I will be stalking you regularly now!
p.s. i love pixel!

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