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Zippers are the devil. I totally agree. I tried sewing them once and that may be why I think that sewing machines are also the devil. ;) If you ever do decide to use them make sure and let me know. Hugs!


All play and no work. But it is amazing that we got pretty much everything done that HAD to be done.

I know you are only a few desks over, but I thought it would be fun to send this little message online. It's kinda like getting gifts or cards in the mail. There's just something special about that. ;)


Sorry Shawn. Bags gone. I bought it.

Rae (from SBB)

Kelly L.

OK, maybe I was wrong about the bags and the sewing, cuz the one you posted was REALLY stinkin' cute!!! And I would buy one! And then I would tell all my friends!!!

Kim (OliveJuice)

GEt on the soonest flight OUT HERE!! I am sooo teaching you how to do a zipper!! LOL And I swear, it won't even take an hour. ;)
Love the new bag, Shawny. Hope you have a good holiday.


I LOVE the new bag, and see that its already sold out:( Holler at me if you make another one:)

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