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chris jenkins

congrats on the boutique and the blog design site! hope your business takes off for you!

i am a big blog design enthusiast - i redesign my own and a few others every month - so i would love to see your designs!

hope you have a good weekend!

p.s. Sara Bereilles is awesome - i have been listening to her over and over and over!


Hi Shawn. Congrats on your new adventures! I wish you the best of luck!

Kim (OliveJuice)

You have the BEST taste in music, Shawny. (BTW, did you watch that new show after So you think you can dance? The one with WAyne Brady? I TOTALLY thought of you and knew you'd rock that show. LOL) Gotta say, I already knew about jon (the radio stations here play him constantly), but Sara is totally new to me. LOOOOOVE her. I'll have your ipod on all day. :)
See you soon!!


woah!! im flipping famous!!! im on pea's blog!!!!


what a great blog!!
so glad i found you.



I just bought Sara Bareillis.. today in fact! and another old album but I just bought is Rachael Yamagata.. these are my editing photos music ;)

Enjoy your weekend..!!!


Whoo-hoo! My new blog is coming soon! I am so excited! :-)

Pam Aries

hee hee. I just came to YOUR blog because I have been blogging on Fifi's blog...so I figured I better come here since she said! Ha! I love your blog and your little dog, too ! How many times can I say blog! haha! Well, ok..probably too many , since I had a lil' vino!

Traci Reed

Congratulations Shawn! What a fun new venture for you!

I've nominated you! Check out my blog for details :D


I love your work so I'd love to see the blog designs! Hey - come visit for a little giveaway if you have time. :) xo


I miss you.

Nancy Comelab

My friend! I've been trying for AGES to lave a comment on your blog and it never loaded! Wassup with that? Looks like it will work this time - fingers crossed - so here I am. Oh I have missed you SO much! I can't use Hello anymore (Mac's fault, lol) and I miss chatting with you.
I wanted to tell you how utterly happy and proud I am of you! It looks like you made some really good business decisions recently, and I am watching you from the sidelines and cheering you on! Way to to, Shawna dear! You did wonders for Fifi's blog! I'm loveing every little thing about it! It's also fabulous to see you sell on Etsy... oh my dear girl, I am so happy for you!!!! Keep touching that chin, girl, looks like it's doing wonders for you? ;)
Love you, Shawna!


I always love the music from SYTYCD! I went to the sight for Joh McLaughlin and loved his music! You always have the coolest music. :)

Pixel is growing so fast!


Hey Shawn. Your new web design for Eclectic Whimsy looks amazing! You did a really great job! You have really inspired me to get the ball rolling again on my own scrap-for-hire stuff. Have a great day! Kerry


Love the bags...especially the Swing design. Yum!!!

Sadie Olive

I love love love your design for Fifi. When I finally make the switch to typepad I will be using you for sure! Love your new site too! Your logo is very cute. :)

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