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Have a great day Shawn!!! Love all those outfits...she's got a good thing going with that line.


Did somebody say 'shopping?'


lisa (momy4him)

those outfits are cute! i'll have to look for that store now-hey, you're the one who also introduced me to h&m(you enabler!) i'm gonna need lots of new clothes pretty soon ;)
have a great 4th!


I love those outfits. I was just in Steve & Barry's the other day, but didn't have time to shop. I did see lots of TV's playing SJP's little ad. I was quite surprised at what they had in that store - not like what it used to be.

Everyone is taking naps in my household so I thought I would relax and play online. Maybe I will even work on another scrapbook page.


You realize that now you are the evil evil blogger, right? Darn you! I love each and every outfit you posted. In fact, right after I leave here I am going to go do a little digital window shopping. :)

Cathy Pascual

you totally enabled me!
I picked up one those max studio dresses - the white/red/black one. I did *need* to wear to a wedding in august!

and I picked up the free kit at 2ps (yay no money spent on that one!)

and I ALREADY picked up nancy's bg papers this morning LOL.

thanks for the great finds!

p.s. there's a steve and barry's about 30 minutes away from me....might have to go one day!


LOVE those cute outfits you shared. You are definitely not good for my wallet. ;-) I will have to go check that store out, never heard of it before. FUN scrap stuff you shared too. I can't wait to get home and scrap again!!

rachel carlson

shawn, you enabler you - ARGH!!! i must know WHERE on earth did you find that soldered necklace - green/brown - eeeek! that is a must have for sure - please share your resource or did i miss it!? thanks for the tips on the digi items too as i'm trying to get my feet wet more on this digi stuff - woo hoo! hope your holiday was great after all and that your weekend ahead is even better!? hugs, rach

lisa (momy4him)

i just looked for a steve and barry store close to me...looks like it's only an east coast thing, poo :(

Erin ~tvp

Thanks for showing my pendant!!! Love your dress picks!

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