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See I told you that you would be famous:) Awesome work!!!! A celebrity blog designer!!! Can you do mine too..I have to dig up dome fun stuff that makes my life look more exciting!! You are the BEST!!!!

lisa (momy4him)

you did a wonderful job!!


Shawn!! I'm so happy for you! You did a wonderful job, just stunning! And having the chance for you to meet such an inspiring person, and for Fifi to meet a wonderful spirit is great!

mel b.

Just awesome work Shawn! As always! I just love your style and apparently a lot of others do too! you may have just found yourself a new job!

Next Tuesday I get my hair done and if you want to schedule photos after that, we would love that! (if you are still interested in doing that anyway!) :)

Let me know!
Have a great one!
mel :)


I think you have found your calling! It looks awesome!!!

You can pretty my blog up anytime if you want to test your skills :

Shabby Miss Jenn

OMG!!!!!!!! I looove all this! Off to answer your email! :)


Shawn so glad we found you! Love how you describe Fifi's accent, it's great, no? When you and I finally get to speak to each other , just remember I don't have a french accent, it's more Philly/Jersey...(just think Sopranos!) xo Tara

Jennie Windorf

Hello Shawn!

Fifi's blog looks a fabulous as she is! You did an amazing job! Where can I sign up for a blog makeover?? You'll have to check out my sad little blog and you'll see that it is clearing crying for help.

Congrats on a job well done!


Shawn, Fifi's blog looks AMAZING. Just amazing! I better be on your list of blog clients. I can't wait to have you re-do mine!


It looks really beautiful. Great job! Kerry


That's awesome! Her blog looks fantastic!


oh how exciting - I love what you did with her blog :) You have to tell me where the glitter script is from though - I must have it!!!


Pea! You are incredible. Practically everyday you do something to amaze me. From your company name to your bags scrapbooking and blog design.. You are really a genius. I am so privileged to know you.


Perhaps you just found your "extra curricular" calling?! :o) It is GORGEOUS!


So like you, Shawn, to make me look good! My blog is a great success because of your creative genius. I gave you so much stuff to sort through....and you never complained! On the contrary, you always made me feel as if you enjoyed getting deluged with photos....and then I had the nerve to ask you if you could do this, that and a thousand other things! I am telling you, the French are quite simply impossible!!
I owe you big time!
YOU are the FABULOUS one!

Shabby Chic Memory

Great Job!


You better have me on your client waiting list too! :-) I know I had my name in there somewhere. You did an AWESOME job, like I knew you would! You have definitely found your "gig." LOVE it! So happy for you Shawn!


I too, love what you did for Fifi. And I loved looking around her blog. And don't forget Tara - her blog is cool too. So glad you've met such incredible people to work for that will give such an awesome reference. Not only are you incredibly talented, but you have the customer service skills too! My banner is already done so you don't have to put me on your list, but you can put me on your references list. :)

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