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hey shawny!! glad to see your post.. i love all of your new designs. its one thing to see them in progress via HELLO, and another to see the finished product. keep on keeping on!


Your designs are fabulous Shawn! I was having great fun looking at your other work. I must say though, mine is my favorite. ;)


yahoo! So happy to see you post! I've been hoping that everything was well and you were just happily working! :o) Can't wait to see all your fun blog makeovers!!! :o)

Shabby Miss Jenn

OH wooo hooo on the rockin' buz of yours! I love you ooodles girleee!



So good to finally hear from you!!!
I have been asking Jill about you!! :-)


Welcome back Shawn! I have missed your blogs :O)


I loooove all your design work, but you already know that!!!! So excited about all of your projects......you are the best!!!! Love ya!!


I'm so happy to see a post from you! Been thinking about you!

And... love seeing all the fun projects you have gotten for yourself! your creativity is perfect for all this! go shawny!

Cathy Pascual

hey shawn!
just saw meagan's blog! It looks awesome!
I am really considering getting a blog makeover too....

and welcome back :)


definately need to catch me up w/ a pixel update.. i have to see what belle's girlie counterparts are up to!!

lisa (momy4him)

welcome back! so glad to see a post from you!


Shawn you are amazingly talented and I am so happy we connected through Shabby Miss Jenn, you have been an incredible godsend and have sprinkled and dazzled our blogs with your magical blog wand! Can't wait to work with you on our other little projects! xo


Glad you're ok:) Sounds like you have all kinds of fun things in the works!!


Welcome Back! I can't tell you how often I check my bloglines hoping for something new. I have even just gone to your blog in case bloglines missed something. Glad to see you do something with your own blog!

I haven't had a chance to check out all your links, but I must say that I am soooo glad that I checked out Shabby Juls recent post. How awesome it is that God not only spoke to her, but He knew that you would also need to hear that. I'm gonna have to post on Shabby Juls blog to let her know that how cool that is that she allowed God to use her in that way. She could have simply scrapped that page and kept it to herself. God is so good!


i can bring the dress.. and you'll have to wait for the chair when you come visit ME! we can take it to the beach! we need to hurry and figure this thing out when both of our schedules calm down.. but will they ever?



So... Glad to see you back and posting.

I went to see Meagan's blog... Awesome job!

chris jenkins

fantastic job on the designs!

thanks for sharing those blogs and linking them - i will have to check them out - i do agree, Brianna Graham is amazing!

Kim (OliveJuice)

That's it, I can't take it!! I'm sending an email right now!! :)


I am officially one shoe "text" behind....I have yet to send me "rockin' the heels" in the yard all day! :D

Courtney DeLaura

yippee a blog post.
I am so inspired by you!!!
I still want you to teach me a few
of the digi ropes :)


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