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First of all, I want to say that Shawn is an amazing friend. She is so giving and caring and compassionate and loving and kind. She has been through a lot this year but whenever I see her, she always has a smile on her face. Second, I have to thank her for not only being a great friend, but for teaching me to sew. Without her, Jillyd Bags wouldn't be here. She gave me a hobby and a little source of income, and a whole lot of fun. She helped me set up my etsy shop and the first week or two had to keep it up for me because my computer wouldn't log in for me. She also is gracious enough to put a plug in for me on her blog. I can't thank her enough. But I must say, even if I never learned how to sew, she is still the greatest and we would still get together and watch the Bachelor, or Big Brother, or have a nice dinner and a movie or do what we do best, talk. I thank God for giving me a friend like her so many years ago (won't say how many) and keeping her in my life. Thanks to all of you that she chats with online. and for new neighbors. I am so glad she has all of you in her life. I can't be there for her as much as I would like to be with 4 kids and all, but I try to be there when she needs someone. To her friend, my condolences and prayers for the loss of your mom. I can't imagine losing a parent and my prayers are with you during this difficult time.
Love ya Shawn, have a great weekend.


First of all, I am glad to help out with your Instant Breakfast addiction. :)

Secondly, it is so good to see you do a "things I'm thankful for" post. It inspires me to do one too. I've done a lot of complaining lately - I need to have a different perspective.

Finally, I hate it when I don't know what to say. I find myself in that position especially when it is concerning death. There are just no words to say to make the pain and hurt go away. I feel like if I offer positive words, it is just annoying. I guess for me, I am glad that I believe in eternity. It makes death easier to deal with personally, but not easier to know the right thing to say or do for someone who has lost a loved one. My heart breaks for your friend and his family. Life can be so hard and there are just no words or actions that can make it easier.


shawny.. i havent logged into my bloglines, so i must admit clicking on your blog to listen to your lovely music and seeing a post was a pleasant surprise... not to mention the fact that you listed me as one of your friends... although i knew it was coming, it is nice to know that others think of me as their friend.. and i feel the same!! somedays i go a whole day without laughing until i talk with you.. then i snort up a storm.. i am so thankful for that.. your bring out the creative girl in me, and i just plain love ya.. cant wait to get together.. i am so thankful for you..


My sweet friend Shawny...you are one amazing, creative, talented, caring {{and the list goes on}} friend:) Love the new bags..I will have to pick one up soon. And to your friend...my prayers are going his way..know from experience that it is soo difficult. Sending hugs your way too:)


OK, just for fun on Friday, let's get into a spat! LOL "I love you more than you love me!"....them be some fightin' words sistah! :D Can't you see me tellin' it to you with my finger pointing and all??!!!!

OH, remind me to send you some shots of the IKEA furniture I put together last Sunday....looks great!!!

Give the Gupster my most sincere and heartfelt condolences.........

Love you.............more. :D

Kim (OliveJuice)

Sincerest heartfelt ((((hugs)))) for you and Mr Gup. I love you to bits and bits my sweet friend.

Dang, I just popped over to your shop and both lily kate's were snatched right up. :( Please make more!!


Ditto with Kim......please make more:)


Love the new bag design! So bummed that the cream one sold. :( Glad you are doing well and busy, but the fun kind of busy!


Glad your back to the blog! I'm glad you've been keeping busy! The new bags are super cute! Have a great day!

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