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don't aks me why...but I am thinking either Jayne or Katelyn. Can't wait to get my bags:) Have a fun day:)


I wanted to say, awesome blog banner (don't know who's it could be, lol!), love the new bag-way cute! And.....so glad to see you here again:)

Have a great day!!!!


Beautiful purses!

I'm guessing the blog banner is for Jayne.



Great pics, Shawny. I love the one of you in the park, especially. It's amazing how green everything looks. Glad to see you posting more often.
I have no idea whose banner that is - I should ask more of those types of questions. Although, I have to admit that I have no idea what RAK is - probably not something I'd be into anyway. Wait a minute - is that your blog banner?


I love that Amy Butler fabric too...I think you are tempting me to buy another bag from you ...so cute!

Thought I would actually comment here after enjoying your beautiful blog this time!



Shabby Miss Jenn

OMG I LOOOOOVE THAT BAG!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! GOrgoeus pics of your life Shawn! Love them!!!


Jayne! It's gotta be for Jayne! LOL

Shawny, you are BEAUTIFUL! I can't get over how gorgeous that shot is. Hope you have a happy Wednesday.

Love you to bits!!


Hi Shawn,

Love the new pictures. Your red shiny shoes are adorable.

As for your blog header... I am drawing a blank on who it's for, but.... it RAWKS!!! I love it Awesome job.

Have a GREAT day!

Kara Sheridan

Is it for AshScraps? Kinda looks like her cool funky style:-)


Yay!!! you posted!!! i am glad you didn't make your post "wordless". love reading it!!!! hope you made your panera date.

as for that blog banner, although I don't know her at all, I would guess your friend Jayne. Otherwise, I was thinking it might be for YOU!

have a good one shawn!


Beautiful bags, i love all the fabric, and your photography.


britt-sparkled vintage charm

gorgeous purse and shoes! I just left you a comment or two on your flickr :-)


Alright, I am late in the game but my guess is Jayne. :)


Forget about all the other hub-bub...I CAN NOT take my eyes off that photo!!!! 8)

Looks like something straight out of a magazine!!!! WOWZA my chickadee!!!!

Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have no idea who's banner it is, but I adore it!

lisa (momy4him)

wow shawn that photo of you is gorgeous!!
that banner is soooo jayne!


saw that banner, only one I could think of was Jayne... if it's not... it sure should be!

cute shoes!!!


HAHA i wish that was my banner... but shawny cant seem to make time for me in her schedule... ;) love the new bags and everything else..we'll talk later ;)


That's a freakin' ADORABLE picture of you, chica. I covet that haircut BAD. :)

love, me <><


Course I've already commented on most the photos.. but I just have to say that I'm diggin' that little smirk you have going on in the first photo!

Oh and the header.... Me thinks it's Jayne too!!


Hi Miss Shawn.

Thank you for commenting on my logo designs a few days back. I am getting so many comment spams on my blog that Gmail is sending ALL comment notifications to the Spam folder, so I miss out on REAL comments. So sorry!

But I am so glad I found your blog. You seem such an amazing person! Your scrapbook designs are fantastic and you complement them with great photography.

Honestly, this scrapbook design you tried here: http://auntiepea.typepad.com/auntie_pea_blog/images/2007/06/18/my_eyes.jpg
is very much like what I want the design for my Star Magnolia online boutique to look like. Elegant yet whimsy. I read the post where you were pondering on how to make a little extra money (girl, I feel ya, I've been working this out myself, too!) and I wish wish wish wish I could hire you to make a few graphics for my website. I'll def keep you in mind in the future!

Again, thanks for posting on my blog. I'll be looking out for yours from now on :D


Nice blog. By the way I love what you did for Tara's blog at Bella!


That picture of you is SO cute! and love your bag, and of course those SHoes! you know Red is my favorite! :)
So sorry I missed that you gave me that sweet nomination for a rockin girl blogger......You see I am completely out of it when it comes to these things...so a BIG belated thankyou, and geez what kind comments you left for me!
I am VERY glad I did not intimidate you! I certainly hope I don't come off like that! just remember, i am just like you....trying to keep it all together in this crazy fast-paced world!
Thanks for making the blog world a much lovelier place!


Oh my goodness, awesome photo, awesome shoes, awesome banner. Girl, you are on fire!

Brianna Graham

WOW!! I found you because you linked to me on your blog a little while ago. Love your blog...and I LOVE your bags. Are you local?! I think so?

Would love to meet up sometime if you are!
Brianna Graham

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