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Look at you bloggin' away...you are on bloggin' Fi-yah!!!!!!! :D

I amoff to the house to finish the rest of my IKEA bedroom set...picked up the bed frame last night...we have been making multiple trips b/c almost everything we wanted has been "temporarily oversold" at some point or another...and, inevitably, while there I keep finding more stuff to buy, which is also "oversold" ...works well though for a work flow - no stack of boxes as tall as me awaiting assembly! LOL

Going to also make the last of the official summer count with my Li-Ley...she starts school next week! :D

Love ya..........


Um, excuse me? Why is 'catching up with LeeAndra' not on the To Do List? I feel so slighted. :P

love, me <><

P.S. I love you, chica!!

Kelly L.

Yay! You're back! You sound happy... nothin' like good ole retail therapy, huh? The blog designs ROCK...maybe someday my blog will be important enough to warrant a makeover...I'll work on that!

Have a great day!


Hope you are watching Big Brother without your computer. I am on the computer and trying to watch. Thanks for adding me to your to do list. Looking forward to hanging out again. Call you on Tuesday. Have a great Labor Day.
Love ya!!

Teresa S.

I really enjoyed this post! You have made me take a look at the balance in my life and it isn't. I think I need a list like yours, and I love the "spirit" list!! Very cool!!




Good to see you back... you've been Missed!
A little Retail therapy is a lot of fun, huh? We all deserved to be spoiled.
Thanks for the Pixel update/video. I can't believe how big she's gotten. So Cute!
Gotta love the TO-DO lists. (yours looks too cute!!)

Yeah, I watched the Sound of Music last night on t.v. too... love it!

Have a Great Labor Day weekend!


Great to have you back!


lists are great :)
hope you are enjoying your weekend too!


The same thing happens to me, if I let the daily cleaning slip (dishes, laundry...the "fun stuff") then I get completely blocked when I am trying to be creative. It's quite annoying.

I have a funny Sound of Music story for you. I used to hum songs from the movie quietly each morning while I was getting ready. Before long the songs would be stuck in my brother's head and he would be humming them too without even realizing it. Bwahaha! (That's my evil laugh)


oh my lordy.. did i tell you that the sound of music is my favorite!?!? i clicked on your whimpy for some inspiration and got blasted with a few of my favorite things!! HA.. the poor residents at my work are forced to watch it about every other week or so.. that and Heidi..glad to see you posting more

chris jenkins

i feel ya. glad you got to relax and do some fun stuff. i seriously love the design you put together - very hip.

my creativity has order flown south for the winter and it is not even fall - lol.

the best advice i've heard is that creativity can't be forced -just let it flow and the other thing i've been told is you got to get out more and see the world - inspiration abounds everywhere around us

take care and remember to take time each day to do as my dd says "chillax"


Beautiful and meaningful To Do list. I think your designs are special. I have added you to my resources links. Bravo.

Cindy Roberts

Love your TO DO LIST! Now that summer is over and school is in, I should do the same. I can waste so much time if I'm not on a schedule. Thanks for the motivation! Cindy Roberts

Cindy Roberts

Love your TO DO LIST! Now that summer is over and school is in, I should do the same. I can waste so much time if I'm not on a schedule. Thanks for the motivation! Cindy Roberts

Heather S.

Just found your blog and I'm lovin it.


Love your blog....not sure how I got here but you can bet I'm going to bookmark it. Thanks for the "To Do" template. I am in need of something like this to get me on the road to being organinized, Cheers Maggie


I got to watch a bit of college football today. Penn St. to be exact. My hubby is from PA., so starting off the Fall season with Joe Pa is always a treat!

I really like your To-Do List.



Hey Shawn!
Just checkin' in! I'm watching BB 8 too! I just don't want Danielle to win. I don't think she's nice. ED is a jerk, but he embraces it, doesn't try to act all sweet like she tries to. She's just not my fave!

You'll be so proud of me. I actually scrapped a page after a few years. Check my blog, I posted it! Take care!

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